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A Little About Me
I am originally from Oklahoma and moved to California a little over six years ago. Although I miss my friends and family, I love being outdoors and fashion so this is a perfect place for me. I love animals and have three miniature dachshunds. I decided to go back to school a year and a half ago and I am pursuing my bachelors degree. I love traveling, hiking, music, sports (playing more than watching), cooking, shopping, hanging out with people I love and relaxing!
Date of Birth
Thu, 03/27/1980
Certified Personal Trainer-N.A.S.M. This job is perfect for me because I love helping other's and making a positive difference in someone's life.
Southern California
When I Started Working Out
14 yrs. old
How I Started
I took my first weight training class as a Freshman in High School and the rest is history....
Why I Love It
I love being healthy and strong. It just feel's good and make's all the thing's we encounter in life, mentally and physically easier to handle.
How I Stay Motivated
Honestly, I just enjoy working-out and cannot imagine it not being a part of my life. My job also help's to keep me motivated because I have to be an example and "practice what I preach". Also, Looking at the incredibly fit people in Fitness Magazines doesn't hurt from time to time.
Short Term Goal
Obtain my Bachelor's Degree within the next two years. ( I have already been going for four takes forever!)
Main Goal
To stay Fit, Healthy have fun and not worry about the little things.
I love all exercises for different reasons. My favorites would probably be Ab and Leg Workouts. I really like challenging exercises.
Healthy Foods
My Favorites: Egg Whites, Chicken, Steak, Turkey, Fish (including Sushi), Almost all Veggies, Fruit, Beans, Whole grain breads, Kashi Cereals, Soy Milk, Oatmeal and Peanut Butter.
Not So Healthy Foods
Mexican Food-Fajitas are my favorite. Pizza-Thin Crust. Ice Cream-All Flavors. Pancakes- with Peanut Butter on top. Dark Chocolate-anything from See's Candy (yumm). Cheese-definately with Red Wine.
CLA sometimes and Protein Powder.
Bodyparts (Yours)
Butt, Abs and Shoulders.
Bodyparts (Opposite Sex)
Butt, Abs and Chest....but most importantly a good heart.
I have too many to read for school right now.
Hiking, Working-Out, Traveling, Making Jewelry, Cooking and Painting.
Oxygen, US (I hate to admit it but I like all of those gossip magazines..people, OK, etc.), Style, Women's Health, Women's Muscle and Fitness and any Home Decorating magazines.
My Worst Injury
I have been very lucky to never have an injury. (knock on wood!)
Workout Music
Just about anything other than Hip Hop. I love Music!

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