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A Little About Me
I am so in love with health and fitness. I am originally from Oklahoma City, OK, and I now reside in LA. I do train a lot of celebrities, but I love my working moms just as much! Currently I am working on my first book, and workout DVD. I welcome exchanging ideas and tips with everyone.
Date of Birth
Tue, 07/08/1975
Fitness Consultant
Los Angeles, CA
When I Started Working Out
I started as a ballet dancer when I was six years old. I started teaching and lifting weights when I was 19.
How I Started
I took a weight training course as an elective, my sophopmore year in college. The teacher was so cute I listened and actually learned something!
Why I Love It
I have always been athletic, and I am addicted to the rush I get from being strong and healthy. I also love being a positive role model for other women of color.
How I Stay Motivated
I stay motivated because I made a promise to keep myself in shape as long as life will allow me to. I am also motivated by awesome clothes. LOL!
Short Term Goal
To finish my book and exercise DVD.
Long Term Goal
To open my own Fitness studio in the inner city.
Weight Goal
Bodyfat Goal
Main Goal
My main goal is to one day have a Fitness Talk Show that deals with real issues to help everyday people.
Deadlifts, v-sit-ups, lunge jumps, tricep dips,
Healthy Foods
Asparagus, broccoli, salmon, orange roughy, pineappple, oatmeal, eggwhites ricecakes, tofu
Not So Healthy Foods
French fries, donuts, alfredo pasta (yummy!)
soy protein, occassionally a fat burner if I have a photo shoot, juniper berries, dandilion root,
Bodyparts (Yours)
Hamstrings, calves, and glutes.
Bodyparts (Opposite Sex)
Chest, abs, chest, abs, chest, abs, are you noticing a pattern :)
The Power of Now, Do You, Skinny Bitch, The magic of thinking Big
Reading, writing, working with youth, dancing, classical piano
Max Sports and Fitness, Oxygen, Muscle Fitness
My Worst Injury
My worst injury was an ankle sprain I had when I was 15. It took me over 10 years to heel completely.
Workout Music
Anything written by U2!
I would love to meet
I would love to meet YOU GUYS!!! And Oprah Winfrey.

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