Melinda Meyer

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Like most kids, Melinda Meyer never paid much attention to diet or exercise as she was growing up. Once she arrived at college and became aware of the freshman 15 phenomenon, she started thinking about it – a lot. Within three years, Melinda had trimmed 30 pounds from her petite frame through a focused effort to eat right and exercise regularly.

Melinda, a Canton, OH native, currently lives in sunny Scottsdale, AZ with her husband. When she’s not working as an accountant for a privately held corporation, she’s modeling for Femme Athletic, an active wear brand designed for women. In her scarce free time, Melinda and her husband enjoy athletic hobbies such as water skiing, mountain biking, scuba diving, and a variety of other sports. You name it, and the adventurous duo has probably tried it!

Though Melinda’s always been active, she got seriously into running about seven years ago. Since then, she’s completed many 10K races, half-marathons, and two full marathons. When she got burnt out, she turned to weight lifting for a change of pace. Once she settled into the groove, she realized she needed something else to end her workout plateau. She decided to give fitness competition a try, and was shocked when she took first place in her first ever event, the Arizona Natural Fitness Model competition in September 2007. Just one week later, she took home another title – FAS-NET Denver Regional Fitness Model Championship, which qualified her to attend the Fitness Model International final this October in Los Angeles. Melinda has also competed in San Diego America’s Fittest Model in April 2008 and placed first in the Fitness Model Masters FAME Sin City in May 2008, earning “Pro” status.

Despite Melinda’s competition successes and amazing body, it’s all about the way she feels. She has a variety of other goals and will keep working on them while continuing to compete. She describes her dedication to fitness as a passion, constantly striving to challenge herself, learn more, and reach higher goals. With her healthy, winning attitude and visions for success, we’ll definitely be seeing more of Melinda Meyer!


Age: 37 and getting better with each year!

Height: 5 feet 4.5 inches

Weight: 107

Favorite healthy food: natural peanut butter (in small quantities), chicken, yams, & oatmeal

Favorite not-so-healthy food: creamy peanut butter (in large quantities!), Frozen Yogurt, or as Jamo would have, Yozen Frogurt (my favorite frozen yogurt place in California!)

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite movie: Growing up it was Grease, Airplane, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! Ha. But now, I really can’t think of my favorite!

Favorite TV Shows: (I hardly ever watch TV these days) are Seinfeld (it’s a classic!), American Idol (I love watching the contestants evolve, and amazed at the producers!), and LOST (the writers are brilliant!)…oh and one more…. America’s Funniest Videos, always good for a few laughs!

Favorite exercise: Being outdoors mountain biking or hiking. There is nothing like standing on top of the mountain and feeling you can conquer anything!

Favorite sport to play: I don’t really play a particular sport, it’s more of the individual activities I enjoy such as those mentioned above.

Favorite sport to watch: Football


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You look beautiful!

It is a good thing that you enjoy mountain climbing and hiking as we did plenty of it this weekend. lol... I loved getting to know you. Your an amazing person!

Sonya, Mikes sister...:)

Eat Boring and have an exciting life...

Melinda Meyer's picture

Thanks girl!

Hey, nice to see you on here! you are looking great yourself! Keep up the HARD work!

Yes we certainly had to WORK at that Photoshoot! ha Hiking to the shoot location was my workout that weekend!

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Amazing Shape

Melinda you are in phenomenol shape! Keep up the hard work!

Michael Jodscheidt

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Very nice...

Keep it up and hope to see more pictures in the future.

"He who fears fate lives like a coward!"

***This by far is THE best website I have seen on the net***

"Why be emo and sulking when you can be Arnold and bulking?!!"

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Yes Melinda you are Xtremly

Yes Melinda you are Xtremly beautiful, you have such a beautiful smile, but you are also very very sexy, very very cute, very very hot, ah you get the picture... just want to squeeze you lol!!!!!!!!!!

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Congrats !!!!

Congrats on achieving everything you have so far. You are obviously doing something right, so don't ever change what you are doing. Great things will continue to come your way. Thanks for all the contributions that we all enjoy so much here on

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Thanks Greg...

for your kind words.

I read your blog about signing off, we will miss you, and like Jamo said, please try to stop in public places, i.e. libraries and continue to log on, these days how can you go without Internet!??haha
Good luck to you

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Hi Melinda,

CONGRATULATIONS on being selected as the Physique of the Month. In MY humble opinion it was LONG overdue. :)) I STILL marvel at what you are able to do. Like I said before, you must be a master at time management. Love all of the pix too. I saw some that that I hadn't seen before....VERY nice! :))

Take care, Sweetie,
Glenn :))

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hey hon~

Thank you very much (AS ALWAYS!) for your congrats! I think it is official, you are my biggest fan here at MyFitTribe! And master at Time Management!??? HA, that is very funny. I would like to think so, but there are definitely not enough hours in the day!
Hope to meet you in LA!!!