Chest and Arms Workout

The Men's Chest and Arms workout is the first of our comprehensive set of body part workouts to get your body cut the way you've always wanted it. We find that while the rock-hard 6-pack abdomen is what men most want, a sculpted chest and arms is also a priority, and they feel they can attain most quickly. So for many, chest and arms is the starting point, and that's where we are starting today. Nick Jones is an award-winning body builder from Australia who is not only a great guy, but he comes up with innovative ways to get the ultimate results. He will show you the perfect form to train your chest and arms properly.

For JamCore members who
- Are intermediate to advanced
- Are limited by time (efficient)
- Want to improve athletic performance
- Want to gain strength and lean muscle mass

Before the Workout Very IMPORTANT :

Warm up activation x 2 circuits.

Body building: Giant/Double -tri sets

Incline D/B Bench Press 8 reps/10 sec REST.
Incline D/B flys 7 reps/10 sec REST
Flat D/B bench press 6 reps/2 min REST.
2 Rounds Total week 1 and 2 with 2 min. Rest between rounds.
3 rounds week 3 and 4.

Seated incline D/B Curl 8 reps/10 sec REST.
Standing B/B Hammer Curl 7 reps/10 sec REST
Standing alternate D/B Curl 6 reps/90 sec REST.
2 Rounds Total in Week 1 & 2 with 90 sec Rest between Rounds.
3 rounds total in Week 3 & 4.

Lying D/B triceps extension 8 reps/10 sec REST.
Bench Dips 7-10 Reps 7 reps/10 sec REST
Standing D/B Kick backs 8 Reps 6 reps/90 sec REST.
2 rounds Total week 1 & 2 with 90 sec REST between rounds.
3 rounds Total week 3 & 4.

Repetition Tempo should be 2-3 seconds eccentric (lengthening)contraction.
1second concentric (Shortening) contraction.
Do not bounce the weight from bottom position.
Keep constant tension on the working muscles.
Focus your minds concentration on the working muscles.
Do not break exercise form to lift heavier weight.
Increase the working weight progressively with good form.

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03hammondt's picture

Looks Good BUT...

how many times a week should we do this, 1 day on, one day off ?? help thanks


Jamo Nezzar's picture

You should do this ..

once a week ! remember you have other body parts to work too

DaxStar's picture

Great workout thanks

It 's great workout but i was just wondering if it s not to much reps because it makes like 24 reps in a shot i have to drop like 10 pound to do the bicep routine. So if i have time would it be a good idea to separate the giant sets in 3 exercise instead of combining the exercises. Would it be better to grow? and if time is not a factor is there any other benefit for doing giant set. It like hits the muscle harder right?

Sunflower's picture

Just Curious

Is there a reason chest exercises aren't listed for ladies? Just curious

"People who are down to earth...have a high place in heaven"

POD's picture

Nice workout but when will we see a back workout?

When are we going to see a back and abs workout from Nick Jones that would be totally awesome

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nice workout

pretty good