Dimples of Venus or Sacral Dimples

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Posted July 24th, 2008

Have you ever noticed on some women that they have lower back dimples? Some are more visible than others. Mine are quite profound. I decided to look it up to see what the deal was. Mine are very visible and can be seen very well at the end of my spine on either side above the tail bone.

Some people find them sexy from what I have read. Women who have a small enough back to show them off usually don't mind doing so. Some women sport tattoos between the dimples to call more attention to the area. But what causes them? and where do they come from? Are they only on certain ethnic persons?

Interesting facts about sacral dimples...they are like a birthmark and genetic from what I have read. The same way that some people have dimples in their facial cheeks or in their chins. Not everyone's is as visible as others. Not all people, women in particular, have them as profound as mine.

Also, known as "butt dimples," and "Dimples of Venus, " they mark the spot where the sacrum joins the hipbones (the sacroiliac joint). For those who don't remember Roman and Greek mythology, Venus was the Roman goddess of love and beauty, the equivalent of Aphrodite in Greek mythology who was the goddess of sexual sensuality. Many people find the back/butt dimples very sexy.

The medical / anatomy point of view of Sacral Dimples can be better explained with the excerpt from the following article I located on the internet. The article stated:

"Humans are born with 33 separate vertebrae. By adulthood, most have only 24, due to the fusion of the vertebrae in certain parts of the spine during normal development. The lumbar spine consists of 5 vertebrae called L1 through -L5. Below the lumbar spine, nine vertebrae at the base of the spine grow together. Five form the triangular bone called the sacrum. The two dimples in most everyone's back (historically known as the "dimples of Venus") are where the sacrum joins the hipbones, called the sacroiliac joint. The lowest four vertebrae form the tail bone or coccyx."

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So, ladies...if you have these cute little dimples on your back side....consider yourself touched by the gods!
And gentlemen, if you see these on the ladies, now you will know a little more about them. :-)

Hugs 2 U....


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brother and my sister has those.Wondered what they were.
I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.

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many with the risen fatty area between the dimples like I have. That is not as common. From what I read, only about 2 percent had that. And that is genetics.

Guess I am special! lol It is officially 1:07....I am 48 years old right now! woo hoo!

When everything is said and done, be sure more is done than said.

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Article Teri..I never thought of it this way !

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I thought....


When everything is said and done, be sure more is done than said.

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i like those dimples, like u said some people find them sexy... Im definitely one of those... :)

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now, you know where they come from .... lol

When everything is said and done, be sure more is done than said.